2013 - Ives Pool Sculpture - Rainbow Fish view photos
2012 - June 8-10 10 am- 3pm Harvest-Jam celebrates So Co food
2011 - Bibliophoria Sculpture bench INSTALLED near library photos
Portals sculpture 2010 VIEW INSTALLATION
View: PORTALS 2010 Gallery. Portals sculptures and the Book Bench are installed at sites near the library.
2009 Jam- Bamboo - on Pleasant Hill. Jam sculpture for 2009. --map Jam 2009 page


WAVE and FISH pins go on sale to help defray materials expenses for IVES FISH SCULPTURE. $10 to $35. Give a donation and/or buy a pin!

Enamel pin for sale

Gardens With Sculpture May 6, 2012
10 am - 5 pm

Download MAP OF TOUR-Information about the tour.
Gardens with Sculpture Invite

Sculpture and Gardens Poster

Sculptors in the News:
James Stadig featured in the Press Democrat
Aug 14, 2011 >>read it!

Past Events:

Bibliophoria - Sebastopol
Celebrate the Book, sculpture, walks, art shows, blogs, visit publishers in Sebastopol!

News and information
March 17, 10:00 am. Randy Comer, fused and shaped glass. Studio visit for jammers. http://www.randycomer.com

2009 Elements Sculpture Installed in Libby Park. Only the wind is missing.
View photos from Jam 2009

Ellen Blakeley glass studio. Santa Rosa. February 17, 10 am

View Installation at Libby Park, Sebastopol, Ca. Nov. 2009

City Council approved placement in Libby Park. Installation of Bamboo begins  11 am.- 3 pm
Nov. 30, 2009.
Dec. 1, 11-3 pm Meet at park.

Bring, wire cutters, gloves, small sledge or heavy carpenter hammers, pliers.
Click to see sketch of installation at park. SKETCH

JAM WAS A SUCCESS. we have 5 nearly completed pieces--the universe, sun, moon, wind, fire. Wrap up meeting will be Oct. 21. Meet at Libby Park off Pleasant Hill near Brookhaven school at 4:30, then on to Beth's for potluck dinner and celebration!

Photo album of 2009 Jam

spirit and sun



The Physical Universe. Jam will be held in Sebastopol Plaza. For more information about the theme please CLICK for MORE>>

Ernesto Sanchez mask.

>April 15, 9:45 Jam to Point Reyes Station to visit Ernie Sanchez studio. Lunch afterwards in beautiful Point Reyes. Arranged by James Stadig.

Visit Ernesto Sanchez web site

>Jam field trip to Oakland Glass sculpture studio.
March 17.
See Photos of trip.

>Fish Panel Sculpture Installed on Morris Street across from Community Center. See Photos


>2008 Gallery of Photos

>Sculpture Jam 2007 Slide Show

>Map of Sculpture Jam Sites 2007
(pdf download, 650kb)

>Sculpture Jam
2006 Quicktime movie! GREAT, and MUSIC too!


>Link to Jam Photo
Album from Sat. Oct. 1 2005

Archive 1998-2006 Sculpture Jam
Jam Poster 2008 Fish in Motion. download PDF here.
>Sculpture Jam Poster 2008

>Just for fun, try this out Kenetic Sculpture. You need fast processor and wide band.
Click on license plate for information about aquiring a plate.
Visit California Arts Council Site to find out about Art Lover plates. Support the Arts in California!

California Arts Council Art Plate. Wayne Thiebaud designer



metal fish

2014 movie of progress on interactive box

Artists and 2014 Jam projects>> JAM 2014 FLYER & Slide show

Come to Sculpture Jam 2014 Sept 20 - 21, 2014 SCA

  • 17th annual Sculpture Jam Sebastopol 
  • Sebastopol Center for the Arts/Ives Park parking lot
  • 10 - 3 pm Sat and Sunday Sept 20 & 21.
  • Three sculptures constructed by jam artists.
Harvest, Sonoma County.  Project for 2012 is a approximately 10' tall with a circumference of approx 3', with 3 pumpkin chairs of oak wine barrels, recycled 55 gal steel barrels and shaped fir seats.
mono print Sheaves, by Sara Schomp

Inspiration for sculpture. Sheaves, monoprint
monoprint by Sara Schomp


Wheat sculpture
Harvest wheat, honoring Sebastopol food.

crow sculpture

Sculpture Jam artists 2013 want to thank people for their hearty support of our fish sculpture project! It is a long list:

  • Sebastopol Center for the Arts
  • Ives pool management, board and swimmers (for fund raising, singing, encouraging and working)
  • Public participants in raising the fish, "flaming or "flashing" the scales
  • Ben Whitaker of Santa Rosa Junior College and his students for welding and installing the "boots" on the fish
  • Liza Prunuske, Ricardo Freitas and the City of Sebastopol.

Come to Ives park Swimming Pool to see the Fish sculpture!

Ives jam fish

Ives fish close up

Ives park Pool, Sebastopol

Fish head is glass enamel on copper, woven enameled panels. 7' x 4'

Ives fish sculpture Sept 3, 2013

Sketch used as inspiration for Ives FISH sculpture. It will not look precisely like this drawing.fish sketch for sculpture, Ives pool
2013 Fish - copper enameled, Ives Pool sculpture project.

fishy artists

Ives Fish so farIVES FISH AUGUST 13, 2013

Sculpture Jam will be installing a 9' Fish sculpture at Ives pool during Sculpture Jam in mid-September. Everyone is welcome to help assemble and install the sculpture. It is made of copper panels, woven and enameled, with a brass "skeleton" or frame. The sculpture will be supported by a redwood frame and be installed in the lawn area of Ives pool.

Ives enameled woven fish sample
Fish body experiment enamel on copper
Weaving fish bodyDavid weaving fish body panel fish headCopper fish face
Bending fish frameBeth Hartman bending fish body frame enamel color boardEnamel color board
Fish body panelsCopper enameled woven fish body panels Fish frame, cuttersFish frame or skeleton
Enamel Colors wave pins
Fish and "wave" pins FOR SALE
proceeds for material
Harvest Seats
2012 Pumpkin benches and crows above
Sheave of wheat right>
To be installed Summer, 2013
Harvest Gang.2012.300
This sculpture is looking for a home.
Jam.Sara & Jane


Jam sculptors enjoy their book bench. It is currently installed at the Sebastopol Library.  
harvest bench with pumpkins and crows  
Enjoy the short video of Sculpture Jam 2011,
part of Bibliophoria Sonoma County
Harvest bench with pumpkins and crows
2012 Sculpture Jam project June 8-10,
Sculpture Jam 2011 Books signatures drew    
Dave Smooths
Karen & Arnold
3 Sculptors molli sits molli hurray
librarian on the bench armature applying screen
Local librarian, Sue Struthers enjoys bench.     Armature for bench top. Welded steel and wire.  
book caseBook Idea  Sculpture Jam sculptors, Beth Hartmann, David Furger, Sara Schomp, enjoy thei book bench    
Beth Cementing the books             Original sketch  

PORTALS - Sculpture Jam 2010 Sebastopol Plaza!

bamboo enclosure Beth Hartmann. Kathy Klopp. Fire Beth works on portal
Susandra's top Beth's four Doors Beth works on Sebastopol scenes
Bamboo enclosure wind sculpture Dave, passing through, Susandra.guest
Mid Point Redwood portal   Dave's portal to the next dimension?

Dave's Foot Monte Tate
David Furgur and the moon
Dave's foot. Passing through. Susandra & above, FILM OF 2010 JAM  

2014 Jam Artists
Jane Lang Beth Hartman David Furger
Jane Lang
Beth Hartmann
David Furger
Sara Schomp Sculptor Jeffrey Zankel Sculptor Gordon Carter
Sara Schomp
Jeffrey Zankel
Gordon Carter      
Steve Burch James Stadig Steve Katz
     Steve Burch James Stadig      Steve Katz

The artists. Will you be there in 2014? Sept 20 & 21 10-3pm

Sculpture Jam has 3 projects going for 2014. We ran them
by the new Public Art Committee of Sebastopol early in
August and we are proceeding after taking their advice into account. Please see maquettes and photos below.
Click photo for larger view

whirl photoJeffrey Zankel

fauve tree
Beth Hartmann and David Furger Fauve painted tree maquette
Jane Lang, Sara Schomp
Jane at work grinding
Jane at work sanding discs